The Inspiration Behind Sunbeam

It’s August already!

What a strange, strange year so far!  

Anyway, we thought that we should try and introduce ourselves properly. 

We are Ashleigh and Hollie Henderson (two sisters) who are based in Hankelow - a small little village in the Cheshire countryside.

We live at Ball Farm (well technically Hollie has her own little place in Audlem, but she practically lives here too because she comes around most evenings for dinner)!  

We moved to Ball Farm at the end of last year, it’s a 500-year-old Grade II * listed farmhouse. It’s wonky and higgledy-piggledy, rich in history (we have a ‘wig room’ - it’s where the judge that used to live here used to keep his wigs) and WE LOVE IT HERE!

Hankelow itself is such a charming place to live. The sense of community here is lovely, even though we haven’t had much chance to socialise (blasted Covid), we feel we have already made lifelong friends in this charming place.

Like most people, during lockdown we have had our own struggles.

The most important person in our lives, our mum, got diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time. We were all terrified (what if they delayed her treatment because of Covid?!)

It was the most unpleasant of times, we couldn’t even attend her appointments with her and hold her hand.

But, do you know what? The NHS were incredible!

Four weeks from being diagnosed (again), mum was in being operated on!

Everyone, from her Macmillan nurse, to her physiotherapist, her consultant, her oncologist, her surgeon to her radiographers were amazing! We cannot thank them all enough. 

Anyway, long story short, she stuck two fingers up to cancer for a second-time and my god we couldn’t be prouder of her!

So why am I sharing all of this with you (most of you don’t even know us)!?

Well, I wanted to share this with you because our mum is the inspiration behind our brand. She is our SUNBEAM.

Throughout her two battles with cancer, she has been a constant source of light! She never complains (she counts herself as lucky), she’s always positive and she has always been there for us.

How lucky are we to have such an incredible mum!

It is her love and support that have spurred us on to create our own little business.

With our products we want that sense of love and ‘light’ to be passed on to others.

Thank you for reading this.

Until next time.

Ashleigh (& Hollie)


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